Biibaq - What does it mean?

The purpose of Biibaq (pronounced b-eye-b-a-k) is to "Buy Back" the things that matter, and that task has to start with evaluating what matters and whether it needs to be bought back. How can we know what matters? The things that matter are at the core of what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to be happy and healthy, even if we don't know how to achieve it. We want to have happy families and strong, fulfilling relationships, even if we've never seen it modeled for us. We want to be attractive and feel desired, even if these ideas have been corrupted by unhealthy beauty standards and unhelpful strategies for finding love.

The things that matter are at the core of our happiness, even if they are buried under a mountain of unecessary junk and misinformation. No matter how hard it is to achieve, and even if they don't admit it, people still want to have, health, relationships, and fulfillment in life. 

The things that support that matter.

If you can't have good health without good food, then good food matters. The same goes for relationship skills for your family and romantic relationships. The same is true for a good excercise regime and your physical fitness. The same goes for an effective beauty routine to support your appearance and preserving your youth.

The problems are obvious to anyone who has tried to attain these: there is an incredible amount of noise around anything important, and a committee of vultures is always waiting to take your money in exchange for "this one unexpected vegetable that you have to stop eating to lose weight," or whatever your goal is. 

Food companies pump the grocery aisles full of synthetic compounds and unhealthy, processed foods, and our water is full of additives and chemicals. The beauty standards are constantly changing, but consistently unrealistic, and most of the relationship advice out there is toxic as hell.

So how do we recoup these things that obviously matter to us, and have obviously been hijacked? We do it together, that's how. I don't know all the details, but I know we have to do this together. If only to reduce the amount of noise, we need to talk to each other and share what works and what doesn't. In order to make it easier for everyone, I believe we need to pool our resources and buying power. 

We can do this through this platform: Biibaq

We can learn together, buy together, and grow together.

I'll be posting more content on how to achieve this and adding products and services to help with this cause. 

Let's talk soon, and remember: It's worth it.

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